Tips for a safer Easter with your pets

Tips for a safer Easter with your pets

Easter is a time of year in which most of us tend to indulge, at least a little. Although it doesn’t pose too much harm to us, it can prove quite the risk to our dogs and cats.

The accidental ingestion of any of the following items can make your pet quite ill, and can even be fatal in some cases:

  • Chocolate and their plastic or foil covers: Theobromine (a compound found in chocolate) is highly toxic to dogs and cats, even in small doses, and the foil or plastic covering the chocolates can become stuck in the digestive tract
  • Hot cross buns and other food items, caffeine, alcohol: Grapes, raisins and sultanas are also poisonous – there is no hard and fast rule as to what is a toxic dose, so any ingestion is cause for concern and requires a vet visit. High-fat foods, offcuts of cooked or raw meat, onions, garlic, leek, some nuts, raw bread mixture, caffeine and alcohol are all also potentially toxic to animals so should be avoided
  • Easter lilies: Lilies are toxic to dogs and cats – they don’t have to eat the petals or plant, simply grooming the dander off their coat can be enough to cause kidney damage!
  • Easter ornaments, baskets and fake grass: Although they’re cute, the little fluffy chicks, fake grass and plastic eggs that come along in the temptingly chewy wicker baskets can all cause issues too; and
  • Hard-boiled eggs: If you’ve hard-boiled eggs to paint or hide around the yard, it is best to ensure your pet doesn’t get a hold of them – although they are fine on the day of boiling, they spoil quickly and if your pet ingests an old egg, this can cause them to become quite ill as well

Despite this list, you can still enjoy a happy break with your pets, just remain vigilant at all times, and if you’re concerned, contact your vets!

For any emergencies outside our operation hours, please contact Geelong Animal Emergency, located at 102 Fyans Street, South Geelong on 5222-2139.



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